complete camping tent

The idea of going camping in the woods exhilarates a lot of people. However, to have a great experience you need to choose the right camping tent. When it comes to camping, three important factors will determine your experience: weather, weight, and occupants. This signifies the impact of climatic conditions, people on the camping trip, and weight of needs to carry. This gives a reason to purchase a camping tent.

The main idea of choosing a camping tent is based on a balance between limitations posed by various factors such as cost, size, and weight, and comfort of the occupants. For instance, you are camping in an RV; you can take a large camping tent that can take the space of the vehicle. This does not mean you cannot go with a smaller tent, which you can fold and carry with your backpack.


weather determines the choice of camping tentUsually, camping tents are classified into three seasonal options: one-season, three-season, and four-season. The one-season tent is designed for the summer season, and it features light color fabrics, one-wall construction, and good air flow that shelters the camper from the light rain. A three-season tent is the most popular because it can be used in any given season. It has well-ventilated mesh doors, windows, and breathable fabrics. It can keep insects and heavy rain at bay.


Camping tents can also be classified according to the number of users. Thus, they can be classified as one-person, two-person, four-person, and so on. They imply the number of inhabitants who can sleep comfortably inside. It is a good idea to choose a large extent that can accommodate an extra person. Moreover, it should have additional space to store food and camping gear. However, a big tent is bound to be heavier. It may not be ideal for backpackers.


camping tent - consider total weightIf you are camping in the goods, you will need to carry a lightweight tent. This is because it is very difficult to carry a heavy tent in the wilderness. Moreover, you need to carry additional accessories such as tarps and sunshades. Therefore, you should choose a six-eight pound tent for a two-person tent. In this way, you can get space to carry rainfly and poles and reduce your overall weight.

The best camping tent should be very easy to carry, maintain, pitch, move around, and repair. It is your extension that portrays the outdoor style. If you follow the above tips, you cannot go wrong when buying a camping tent.