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About Us

What ingredients does it take to make a great restaurant? Find out here.


Est. 2014


Established in 2014, Chop Chicago is poised to take over Chicago’s South Loop district with fun dishes and plates meant for the adventurous. We wanted to take the fun and low-brow atmosphere of Porkchop but add in a dash of exclusivity. Join us as we bring a little fun back into fine dining.

Chop is a fun experiment in fine dining mixed with an innovative bar. We’re a little bit edgy with a fine dining sensibility that appeals to a palate that begs for more. We’re still unpretentious and that’s what makes us feel like home.

– Jovanis Bouargoub, Owner


Meet Jovanis


Proprietor Jovanis Bouargoub, a native of Paris, describes Chop as a mashup of the French lust for living in the moment (AKA joi de vivre) and the quirkiness of rural counterculture. His goal is simple – be the instigator of great times in a relaxed, unapologetically unpretentious environment. Chop combines the same appeal of Porkchop while simultaneously capturing the eclectic influences of remote cultures hidden deep in the hills, and in urban neighborhoods well beyond the reach of the city lights.

Jovanis is committed to delivering:

  • Playful southern backwoods style dishes
  • Unpretentious atmosphere
  • Delectable dining



Food with Passion

A robust menu complete with juicy steaks, delectable desserts and adventurous À la carte menu items, Chop Chicago will be a destination you’ll be talking about for some time.

Fun Drinks

We love to see the smile on your face once you take a sip of any of our playful one-of-a-kind drinks. Kick back and enjoy. This one’s on us.

Friendly Staff

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right table, find the right plate, and serve the right drinks. Almost too good to be true? Never that.

What People Say

  • A much needed Friday drink, and boy, I chose the right one. #ChopChicago #MyChicagoPix @ChopChicago


    Ryan M. Meyers,

  • Love the decor at @ChopChicago! Previewed the menu last night. It was perfection.


    Nycole Hampton,

“I also learned I like #poutine tonight. Well, I like the @ChopChicago version at least. 😉 #yum” – Diana Nguyen @ditakespictures